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Related article: Date: Sat, 11 Sep 1999 20:29:44 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 25"Adventures of Tray and Jay 25"PART 25: JAY, CHET AND SALLYAs soon as I heard Chet's voice on the phone, I knew two things: one, that boy was horny as hell, and two, he was up to something. Chet can't hide anything from me. I mean, he was practically panting, for God's sake, and he said I had to meet him some place, I recognized the street, but he wouldn't say why.Okay, so I got there a few minutes later on my scooter, and it's this nice house, and out comes Chet in nothing but a tank top and those kind of boxers that are legal to wear out in public but make a mockery out of the law, okay? I love them! Oh, and man, Chet was getting bigger and thicker, too, in his boxers, I mean, and huskier. I love how boys grow all over. It makes me so frisky.Before he got to me on the driveway, Chet was biting his lip and playing with his sexy two-tone hair with both hands, so his sweaty pits made me go hard in my threadbare sweat shorts and strap. When I stood up he saw my rock tenting out to the side, and I watched in total breathless wonder as his own juicy pole fluttered up from his left leg.That's another thing, Chet turns me on big time just by sticking his dick down to the left like that, instead of the right like Tray and me do. It's just so fucking sexy it makes me drip right off and go light-headed, and Chet saw me staring there and grinned for me as he gave it a bad old squeeze that sent the monster shooting straight out front. I think he wanted me to do him right there in the open, the way he took such crazy chances! I mean, shit, it's me, Jay!"Come on in, buddy! I got a surprise for you!" Only, Chet was biting his lip like crazy, and sweating kind of bad and swallowing and going up and down on his nervous feet, so I just shook my head and followed him inside.First I noticed this cute girl, definitely Chet's type, on the couch with a tank top a lot tighter than Chet's, and these flimsy little silk shorts so tight they're nearly splitting between her legs. I shot Chet a nasty look, and he went faint and couldn't look me in the eye. He sat by the girl, who was our age, 16, and put his hand on her leg. She spread easy, I'm telling you. Jeez!"Jay, umm, this is Sally," said Chet, and his throat was dry all of a sudden so his deep voice cracked. I couldn't help copping more wood just seeing my best buddy there on the couch with his big boner poking straight up and his hand on a girl I know he really dug. So I got down on my knees close to them and settled my butt back on my heels."Hey, Sally.""Hi, Jay." She smiled nervously and looked at Chet and drew him closer with her arm around his neck all of a sudden, and they just started going at it! They kissed real soft at first, but as soon as Chet's cock popped the little button on his boxer piss slit and got free, he lost it and went to sucking on Sally's soft mouth and face, and, well, my hand tugged at my own straining boner.The worst part for me was hearing Chet get all riled and short of breath and moaning like he does, and his eyes closed gently, and his hands felt her tits and all over, and his big Adam's apple jumped up and down as he swallowed powerlessly -- and, ohmygod, when Sally found his cock without looking and gripped that red hot sucker and it oozed his sweet Lolita Top juice, well, take a flying guess what happened.Yeah, oh, hell, yeah! I was over there on my knees Lolita Top between Chet's legs in a heartbeat diplomatically pushing the girl's hand away so I could get to my buddy's inflamed meat and go down on that boy! I heard her giggle, then when my mouth took him good and tight I heard Chet spaz and grunt in shock! Yeah, hot, youthful, overwhelmed stud shock!"UH! UHHHHH! UHHHHHHHHNGGHHH!"And the poor kid shot off in my startled mouth, but I sucked on him and pumped his slick dick with my even tighter fist and drank what had to be a real pent-up load of Chet's steamy spunk! His stuff is so thick and creamy and manly, I can smell it all the way up in my damn head when he cuts loose with one of his wild, machine gun sprays of his jiz.So I was happy down there between my buddy's legs drinking all of his sperm when he pulled under my arms and got me to crawl up further where he could play with my throbbing 9" bone, which he'd never felt that big before, and man, his eyes just bugged! Sally giggled real loud then and kind of blew me away when she took my head in her hands and laid one on me!I mean, shit, it wasn't as good as Chet's, but it was nice. I kept my eyes open and saw she liked me, and Chet's hand on my thing and her soft lips drove me close to squirting. She slipped me her tongue, and Chet helped me out of my shorts clumsily but fast. Yeah, he knew how to get a guy's shorts off, the little horny bastard!My hands went to Sally's tits on their own, I guess, and it was so fucking weird! I never touched a girl that way, and it was fun. Not like guys, but cool, anyway, and when Sally started groaning and took one of my hands and pushed it down between her legs, I felt how wet she was there and at first thought something was way wrong!Then I felt Chet's hand take mine and slide it down her tight but easy shorts, and my fingers worked their own way under her panties, and fuck, her wetness drove me crazy! I mean, I'd never touched a dude's pubes that were all wet and slick like that, and Sally really went nuts! She moved so she was laying back on the couch with me kissing her and playing with her nasty bush.Chet moved onto his knees beside me and took off my shirt even more clumsy than the shorts and then stroked me all over with his great hands, I mean, Chet has really great hands! He worked my back and shoulders and my ass and crack which I shoved up for him to take any damn time he wanted, but he laughed and leaned close to my face and flicked his tongue out to my cheek to taste some of Sally's spit off it.I felt his sweet breath on me and turned from Sally to Chet and ate his beautiful boy mouth, and poor Chet whimpered so loud it drove Sally over the edge, I guess, and her hips bucked up real crazy, and I thought she was coming, but she couldn't be!"Yep, she's coming, dude!" said Chet, with his sexy, droopy-eyed face in total lust and his manly voice all lubed now. Sally screamed her brains out, and Chet smiled ear-to-ear and laughed so happy it made me glow all over! When she settled down and opened her eyes, she looked at Chet and got this awful, evil gleam in her eyes."Go down on Jay, boy!" she ordered, and he blushed, like they must not have talked about Chet's side of our relationship, you know, and he was nervous about being faggy Lolita Top in front of a girl. "You get none of my tasty snatch til you do Lolita Top your buddy like I watched him do you, so get to it, boy!"I stood up and made it easier for him there on his knees by taking his head in my hands and walking forward until he swallowed most of me and choked! Then Sally got on her knees and played with my big hairy loose balls and rubbed my belly, which I dig so fucking much I just gasped and shuddered, and she tickled my tight butt cheeks so I tensed up all over and thrust it fast into Chet's shiny mouth and watched his spit dripping like crazy from his lips and my hard-on...And my eyes slammed shut, my back arched, and with one hand on each of their heads I blew it down Chet's happy teenage throat, and maybe it wasn't as much as Chet's huge load but he loved it, I could hear him slurping and swallowing and making these hot as hell sounds with his throat!Before I was done, Sally pulled me out of Chet's mouth and took me in hers, less than Chet but who cared, and she sucked the rest of my spunk out and looked up in my eyes the whole time so I smiled and ran my fingers through her hair and touched her face and chin. Then they kissed down below my jumping cock.While Chet moved her down to the carpet and climbed on top, I grabbed his boxers and freed him from them and felt his dick pull and slap back up hard between their bodies. I watched him grind himself into her, and she did it right back and wrapped her legs around his waist.I got between Chet's spread, strong legs and poked my nose in his crack and sniffed, and God, that man smell he has! And it was so hot and worked up in there I just dove in and ate him out totally wet and wicked with my hands pulling his cheeks aside so I could go further, and Chet reached back to drive my face harder up his slick funky butthole.That's when I felt him clamp down on my face with that tight butt of his, and he let go of my head and tensed all over again and jammed himself down all the way on Sally and shuddered off on her thrashing body, and she screamed again! Yeah! They both got off together just humping without him even putting it in her! I was dripping again, too.So Chet rolled off her, panting, and looked at me with such overwhelming gratitude and lust, and pulled my head down onto Sally to lick his sperm off her stomach, and it tasted and smelled so wonderful I lost it and got it all over my damn face and started giggling crazy and nasty.Chet crawled behind me and let me feel that hard, big adolescent dick of his at my hole and leaned over my back and guided my head down Sally, between her legs, where I felt her fur on my face and smelled her and Chet and just did it. I licked her and made her shake all over and then got into it more and pulled her pink little hole open and went for it!I ate Sally out! Chet watched and got so hot and bothered he started humping my crack faster and faster, and Sally moaned and twisted in the grips of my hands and tongue and mouth, and I really liked it. I liked her taste and smell, and the feel of her wet love hole inside and out, and I snaked my long talented tongue up her until she exploded again, and I got to taste it full on! Wow!Sally went off all over my confused face so it was dripping down my chin, and Chet lost it and shoved his hard, wet bone up my shoot and made me scream! That's when I fell forward onto Sally, and somehow my cock just went -- fuck! It went IN her! Ohmygod! I was fucking a damn girl! What should I do? Stop! Yeah! Stop!No fucking way! Sally loved my 9" beauty up her willing pussy, and with Chet's rock hard throbbing monster up my guts I was in Heaven! Pretty soon Chet and me found a rhythm we could both use, and he fucked my ass from behind while I screwed her hole head on, and Sally and me kissed while Chet nibbled my neck all sweet and tender!Chet was sweating up a storm, and I was nice and slick with my own, and Sally was so wet with all of her stuff, we just did it slow and long, for so long I couldn't believe it. Chet's dick in me was outrageous, and the feeling of it up me and mine somewhere else, even though hers wasn't as tight as buttholes, it was still too much!Well, Sally lost it again and shrieked! She clawed my neck and clamped her legs around Chet AND me and spazzed off with my fag dick up her hole and our bodies slipping all over, and just as she went limp under me I forced my cock out of her and sprayed my load up over her heaving chest. She laughed, surprised, when some hit her chin!"Oh, my God, Jay, no one ever hit my head before with his stuff! Oh, God, that's so cool!"And Chet rammed his long mean sex machine harder and harder til he buried it in me and shook and sputtered and sprayed my neck and back with his hot spit, and Sally yelped under our weight but loved it! She giggled so nasty I thought I'd come again! Chet was almost sobbing in release and kissing my neck again, only licking my sweat off, too, and still pumping my broken in spunk hole nice and steady.Sally slid from under us and kicked back watching as Chet didn't show any signs of stopping his action with my ass! Until she got up and crawled over and kissed him again. He pulled out of me and took her in his strong arms and pulled her close to him, and I rolled on my side under them and watched his cock nestle in her wet dark bush.Sally stood and walked away, so Chet and me looked at each other and lay down side by side and held each other familiarly, kissing and touching and playing, shoving, biting, giggling like boys, sniffing, licking, pawing, panting, snorting...When Sally returned with a little package in her hand and tossed it to Chet."Fuck me, boy!""Oh, cool! Yeah, way cool!"Chet's face flushed with total pleasure as he kissed me again, hard, and pulled me with him. He pushed me down on my back, and Sally crawled up to my face and Lolita Top gave me her pussy again, so I ate it! Chet slapped that rubber on and started thrusting it between her legs and into my chin, so I sucked IT!"Oh, man, oh, my God, Jay, yeah! Suck my gloved shaft, boy! Suck it between Sally's hot, dripping pussy, boy! Yeah! Oh, yeah, Jay, suck it good, man! AAARGGGGHH!"He was just getting into it, not coming again, yet! That boy's a real stud, okay. He loves sex, period. So he pulled back and thrust it inside Sally so fast he really caught her off guard, and she yelped in pain, and I felt her tense in my hands, but she relaxed and started making wild sex sounds! Oh, yeah, she dug it now!"OOOOO! OHHHHH! CHETTTTTTTT!""Yeah, baby, it's me, Chetster! I'm fucking your silly little pussy, girl, you like it?""OHHHHH! YEAHHHHH!""COOOOOLLLL!"Well, hell, I slid lower so I could go between Sally's tortured snatch and Chet's fast- moving pole, in and out, real even, and his balls every chance I got, and we were all in fucking Heaven! I was so excited I couldn't stand it and went to work on my own hard prick, until Chet grabbed it in his vice grip and stroked it fast.I slid out from under them and knew exactly what I had to have. Chet knew, too, and his eyes were on fire as he fucked Sally silly and licked his lips and took my head to shove it in his nasty spunky pit so I could suck on that a minute before I went for what I needed. I pushed hard on his sweaty back so he bent lower over Sally and spit in my hand and worked my stiff finger up his unnaturally tight anus.I finger fucked his ass good and rough, and he grunted and whined and went hoarse from groaning so hot and passionate, and then I sent a good long stream of my best, slickest spit down to my dick and slapped it all over and RAMMED that boy fucker up Chet's boy fuck hole!Oh, shit, I made him scream in pain! I couldn't help it! I fucked him so hard my spit dried up, and I felt his wild ass burning with me in it, and I was so rough we both pushed Sally down on her stomach, her knees splayed out to her sides, and she wailed with Chet's tool bottoming out in her, and my big old dick was buried up Chet's shoot so he went real red all over and grimaced, but he reached back with one hand to drive me still harder, so of course I let him have it!Fuck, yeah, I can always fuck harder, man! Oh, man, I lost it, I almost blacked out in sexual insanity! I raped my buddy, I did! I heard Sally screaming in joy somewhere, and I opened my eyes and saw Chet's head turned to the side trying to see my face, and this big-ass smile over it, and I laughed and pumped him still harder and meaner...Until my whole body knotted up, my legs twisted, my feet curled backward, my head flew back, sweat sprayed all over the place..."FUCK ME, BUDDY, FUCK MY HORNY ASSHOLE!" Chet begged me all hoarse and horny.Sally screamed on!"OKAY OKAY OKAY, CHET, BUDDY, HERE I GO! GO! GO! OH MY FUCKING GOD YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"I blew up in Chet's burning guts and shoved it as far as it would go in him and spazzed all over and felt my whole body release completely into my best friend, and I started crying before it was done because it was too beautiful to comprehend, really."You okay, buddy?" I heard Chet's muffled, sexy voice under me, and I laughed all ragged and crazy and rolled off him onto my back, my hands over my eyes so no one would see my tears. Jeez, it was so embarrassing! In front Lolita Top of a girl, and all! Fuck!Chet came to me and held me and kissed me until I was over it, then I felt his tongue in my mouth again, and his hand jacked my dick, and, well, that's enough of that! Shit!
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